HR Wholesale Box "B" Hawaiian Flowers

HR Wholesale Box B
(180 stems)

Product Description

180 Stems Hawaiian Tropical Flowers
20 Anthurium (med red)
20 Anthurium (med novelty)
20 Dendrobium Orchid Sprays
10 Bird of Paradise
10 Red Ginger
10 Pink Ginger
10 Heliconia Psittacorum
20 Ti Leaves (red)
20 Ti Leaves (green)
10 Lycopodium
20 Bamboo Orchid Foliage
10 Warnecki

Price includes Fedex shipping to most locations within the continental USA. Additional shipping charges are required for Alaska, Puerto Rico, remote or rural locations and Saturday Delivery. Please contact us for details.

Fuel Surcharge for Wholesale Orders
Due to the high cost of fuel, Federal Express is charging a fuel surcharge which we will need to add to wholesale orders after packaging and weighing. This extra charge will not show in your online order. Please contact us for the final amount with the fuel surcharge added.

Wholesale Flower Guarantee
Our Guarantee for wholesale orders differs from our retail gift boxes. We take the greatest care in packing and sending our wholesale tropical flowers from Hawaii to insure they arrive in good condition. We will replace or credit flowers that arrive in less than good condition, (not the entire shipment) providing you report damaged flowers and within 3 days of delivery.

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tel 800.876.6036 fax 310.832.9320