Hawaiian Flower Leis

Flower Leis
Give a beautiful gift to friends and loved ones and show your Aloha with a flower lei from Hawaii. People in Hawaii use leis for their beauty and to celebrate just about every important occasion and so can you. Your recipient will feel very special and will remember your gift for years to come.

Our flower leis are handcrafted in Hawaii and arrive very fresh. Send one today for a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion.

Single Dendrobium Lei
$43.00, 2/$56.00, 3/$84.00, 4/$112.00, 5/$140.00
Double Dendrobium Lei
$53.00, 2/$76.00, 3/$114.00, 4/$152.00, 5/$190.00
Single Dendrobium Lei - Mixed Colors
$38.00, 2/$56.00, 3/$84.00, 4/$112.00, 5/$140.00
Orchid Flower Lip Lei
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