Orchid Plants from Hawaii

Orchid Plants
Orchid plants from Hawaii make a wonderful gift for any occassion. This is best for the plant during shipping. Orchid plants will do well under normal household or office conditions. Upon receiving your plant, carefully unwrap the packing material and remove the cellophane and paper wrap and water thoroughly.

Place your plant near a window with shaded sunlight, never direct sunlight to prevent burning the plant. Artificial grow lights will also work. Keep your orchid plant at temperatures between 65 degrees F. and 85 degrees F. Keep your plant away from heating and air conditioning vents. Do not expose to extreme cold.

The plants arrive in bud with a few flowers starting to bloom. The plants will continue to bloom upon arrival and will stay in bloom for 3 weeks and up to 2 months with some varieties.

Our orchid plants arrive with volcanic cinder. This is the medium used for growing and helps retain moisture as well as providing the proper conditions for the roots system. Your dendrobium plant does not like to be covered with soil. If you should re-pot your orchid plant in the future, only use bark, cinder or other growing mediums specifically for orchid plants.

Water plant twice a week thoroughly and fertilize every 3-4 weeks with a diluted foliar orchid fertilizer.

Dendrobium Orchid Plants
$41.75, 2/$54.00, 3/$62.00, 4/$84.00
Miltassa Orchid Plants from Hawaii
$42.50, 2/$54.50, 3/$65.00, 4/$87.50
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